Samira Fabrics

Quality Policy

Samira Fabric Private Limited is committed to providing best quality products to their valued customers at competitive prices and as per agreed time schedule. The Vision of Senior Management is associated with concept of continual improvement at all levels.

To Implement Quality Policy, Samira Fabric Private Limited will:

  1. Provide suitable working environment to improve the quality
  2. Provide working opportunities to skilled persons
  3. Provide appropriate training, information on quality to all employees
  4. Setting of objectives and targets for continual improvement in quality management system.


Environmental Policy

Samira Fabric Private Limited is committed to providing safe, healthy and pollution free environment to its employees as well as surroundings. The Company is ISO 14001 certified and complying with all regulatory requirements which are imposed by the Pakistan Environment Law (NEQS).

To Implement Environment Policy, Samira Fabric Private Limited will:

1.Comply with relevant environmental Laws and Regulations.

2.Set objectives and targets for continual improvement in the condition environment.

3.Ensure provision of safe working environment and to save all employees from illness and accidents.

4.Provide appropriate environmental training/information to all employees.

5. Require every employee to exercise personnel responsibility in preventing harm to themselves, to others and to the environment.

6.Promote awareness and give due recognition to performance in the area of health, safety and environment.



Samira Fabrics believes that quality is the backbone of today’s manufacturing environment which has become super competitive in nature. The survival is only for those who commit themselves to provide best quality and services at the right price customer can afford.

Samira Fabrics had not only made its internal quality systems effective but also has compliant with various organizations which monitor and approve quality and compliance systems.

Some of the prominent certifications that Samira Fabrics achieved are:

  • ISO 9000:2001
  • SA 8000:2008
  • ISO 14000-2004
  • OEKOTEX 100


Social Policy

The Management of Samira Fabric Private Limited is committed to meet not only the requirements of Social Accountability Standards but also all applicable national and international laws/regulations pertaining to social accountability issues. We believe employees as the most valuable asset and to preserve this asset we treat our employee as citizen having all legal rights.

We are committed to continuously improve our social accountability system by:

1.Discouraging child labor, forced labor, and employee discrimination

2.Encouraging policies regarding collective bargaining, freedom of association, working hours and compensations.

3.Providing healthy and safe working environment for employees.

4.Creating awareness among all employees regarding disciplinary practices.

5.Creating awareness among all interested parties, suppliers/sub-contractors.

6.To provide due training to our employees.

7.To serve the society in best possible ways.

8.To provide equal and permanent employment opportunities to skilled human force.


Company History

SAMIRA FABRICS (PVT) LTD. was established in 1969 and converted in to a Limited concern in 1973 with an objective of penetrating the textile export market and by the grace of ALLAH is now one of the leading export houses of Pakistan.

The company is a composite textile unit equipped with the modern in house preparatory, weaving, yarn dyeing, fabric processing and garmenting facilities.

The drive has been towards specialization and to become a preferred source in the field of institutional items pertaining to use in hospitals, hotels, laundries etc.. Customers include leading and very well known companies of Europe, USA, Far East and the Middle East.


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