Samira Fabrics

In-House QC Lab

Quality Control Lab

SAMIRA’s quality control (QC) laboratory performs a wide range of tests to ensure

client product and material quality requirements, quality assurance programs, and

troubleshooting needs. The quality testing laboratory tests to international and other

recognized industry standards. QC standards include ASTM, ISO and many others.

Quality Control testing:

  • Raw Materials Testing
  • Intermediate and final products testing
  • Manufactured products testing
  • Additional QC testing for materials and products

We maliciously look after all necessary lab checks strictly according to internationally
recognized standards.

  • Color Fastness Test
  • Shade Continuity with reference to grey scale
  • Crocking
  • Shrinkage
  • Ph
  • Weight GSM/per pce
  • Absorbensy
  • Other Necessary Checks based on your requirements


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